I was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. Though I was brought up in a loving family, I was divided in my beliefs. My father was an idol worshipper while my mother was a Christian. On the one hand, I was raised and brought up as a strong Catholic who regularly attended mass and practiced the tenets I was taught. On the other hand, I enjoyed the rituals my father performed during his sacrifices to idols in various festivals during which several animals were killed. I looked forward to these festivals and the merry making and jubilation that accompanied such celebrations. Amidst the idol worship, I continued to be devoted to the things of God.

I later moved to the United States in the hopes of building a better life for myself. I married a wonderful God- fearing man, and together we have two children- Zemmie and Jesse. My journey as a believer in Christ began in March 1991 when I visited church with a friend. During the service, I felt the Lord tug on my heart and I could not ignore His call any longer. I received Jesus into my heart and continue to live for Him till this day.

My passions are many- teaching young adults, showing love and compassion to all, preaching the Word to the lost, serving my family and being involved in the upbringing of children. I will elaborate on a few.  First, I have a desire to see marriages succeed. In line with this desire, I mentor the young adults at our church.
Second, I serve in the children’s department and teach our new membership course to regular attenders who wish to become members of our Church. In the Children’s department, I contribute to the development of the curriculum, plan fun activities for the kids and participate in the kids’ routine.
Most important is the role I play as a wife and mother in my family. I believe this is the first responsibility that Lord has entrusted to my hands, and I fulfill it with joy. I am a co-laborer with my husband. I understand that as his close confidante and best friend, I can be a tool used to frustrate his work. Thus, I exercise due vigilance by praying and feeding on the Word of God so that I may be a blessing to the Lord’s work. As a mother, I do my best to instill the fear of God in my children and love them unconditionally.

Truly, God is faithful. I encourage you to come by The Church of the Living God if you are in the vicinity. You can also explore this website and take advantage of the resources available to you. Find a Bible believing Church close to you and grow in community with other believers in Christ. My prayer is that you will come to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Take it from me; that is the best decision you will ever make. God bless you!